Interior Packages


Starting at $120.00

2-3.5 hours

-Full Vacuum-
-Clean/Dress Surfaces-
-Hand Clean Seats-
-Light Spot Shampoo-
-Pet Hair Extraction-
-Fresh Scent-


Starting at $180.00

3-5 Hours

Express plus:
-Seat Belt/Buckle-
-Seat Rails-
-Steam Clean-
-Heavy Shampoo-
-UV Protection-
-Fabric Protection-
-Glass Sealant-
-Odor Removal-


Starting at $275.00

6 Hours

Complete Plus:
-Seat Removal-
Every Inch of your carpet will receive vacuum, steam treatment, and a heavy shampooing to get your interior back to brand new.

Interior and Exterior Packages

Express Deluxe

Starting at $150.00

-Foam Cannon-
-Towel Dry-
-Door Jambs-
-Full Vacuum-
-All Interior Surfaces-
-Door Panels-
-Light Spot Shampoo-
-Pet Hair-
-Fresh Scent-

Complete Deluxe

Starting at $230.00

Express Plus:
-Clay Bar-
-Wax/Paint Sealant-
-Engine Bay-
-Bug/Tar Removal-
-Heavy Shampoo-
-Carpet Extraction-
-Steam Treatment-
-Clean/Condition Seats-
-Fabric Protection-
-Glass Sealant-

Exterior Restoration

Head Light Restoration


1 Hour

Both headlights restored back to factory quality

Paint Correction

Request Quote

2+ Hours

We can also fix your paint job! Please provide vehicle and location information when requesting a quote.

Ceramic Coating

Starting at $399.00 

(Add on)

Requires full paint correction before coating can take place.